Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see any of the content. Do I have to register to see the shows?

Yes, all content is available for registered users only.

I am from Russia and I can't register. Why is that?

We can’t sell shows to customers from Russia due to the ecomonic restrictions there. So we would be only allowed to sell anything by creating a company or having a partner in Russia.

I don't have any Pangolin Laser Systems Products yet, is it possible to register for this shop?

Yeah you can register, but in case of no possible entered Pangolin ID your registration will be deleted. This is no video platform and content can only be seen by potential customers who do Laser Light Shows.

I don't have Pangolin Beyond. Are there also Shows available for Pangolin Quickshow?

Yes, most of the content is available in Pangolin Quickshow but all Shows are only available for Pangolin Beyond.

I am looking for a show to a specific song. Is it possible to search for it in this shop?

On the HOME and on all SHOP Pages, underneath the navigation section, you can find a SEARCH BAR. Here you can enter the name of the Song or Artist you are looking for.

I couldn't find a specific show for a song. Are you also programming individual showcontent?

Yes, then please contact us at We will contact all our award winning show designers to make you a specific offer.

Where can I find Showvideos for all available variations?

We didn’t film every available version of the shows. Only the one with maximum projectors are available.

I saw that there are different versions of the shows available. Are all the same quality?

Every available version of a show is rebuilt for the specific number of channels. These run on every Full-RGB-Lasersystem with 30k ILDA standard.

I watched some shows here and want to buy them later. How can I mark them?

It is possible to add the shows to your wishlist in the category view or direct in the product view under the “Add to Cart” button.

Are the ordered shows secured or free to edit?

Every bought Lasershow will be secured to the registered Pangolin FB3 / FB4 or QM2000 ID (changeable in MY ACCOUNT / Account Details).

I already paid my order. How long does it take to get my Shows?

Depending on which Payment method you used will your order be delivered within 48 hours. If you need it the same day please contact our support at

I have a problem with a bought Showfile. What should I do?

Contact us at with your Order Number and we will try to get your problem fixed.

At the registration I entered a wrong Pangolin ID. Now my order was secured to this number. Is it possible to change it?

Already secured products are non-returnable. We have to pay the show from the specific designer so you have to buy the show again. It is possible to change your Pangolin ID at MY ACCOUNT / Account Details or you can enter the change into the Options Field at the CHECKOUT.

Couldn’t find any answer for your Question?

Then please contact us at

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